Stylized purple text reading THE HEAPS.

A photograph of someone's hand holding a small steampunk dragon figurine. The dragon is resting on its belly with its mouth parted slightly open. It is a dull copper color with a green patina and segmented limbs that make it look robotic.

Item: Steampunk Dragon Figurine
Date Purchased: 02/02/2023
Description: I went to go visit my friends down in central Florida and my husband I stopped at a weird combination gas station and motel on the way down! Their convenience store had a pretty spacious COAM lounge and a very eclectic selection of home-goods ranging from salt lamps, bootleg game systems, and the quintessential cool dragon statues. I rescued this cool little steampunky guy for a cool five bucks. He lives on my shelf now.

A photograph taken on a desk that shows off three books: New Roadside America, Lost Attractions of Georgia, and Titanic's Last Secrets.

A photograph of a plush toy of a nakodile from Homestuck, a red crocodile creature with no arms, blue eyes, and an orange underbelly.

Item: Homestuck 13.5" Nakodile Plush
Date Purchased: Undocumented
Description: Stumbled upon this guy in a Hialeah Goodwill back before I moved out of Florida. How he got there is anyone's guess; always a sad sight to see fandom stuff floating around in rummage bins! If this guy could talk I'd love to hear what he'd have to say. In very good condition considering he's secondhand. I got him for a whopping eight bucks which I was really happy about seeing as these guys can go for fifty or so dollars on the secondhand market! I got over my Homestuck phase a long time ago and foster no long-lasting love for it, but I had to scoop him up for the sheer cute factor alone.