A World of Warcraft style logo in blue tones and a steampunk-style border reading Project Mechagon, A Fanon Resource.

A graphic of a male mechagnome wearing heritage plate armor. He has glasses, brown windswept hair, green eyes, and a mustache. He has one finger up and is standing with a wide stance at an angle. Behind him is a snarling scraphound, and a paintbot is walking at his left.


Following the dissolution of the Gnomereganian monarchy four-hundred years ago, the last king of the gnomes lead a band of zealots - craftsmen, laborers, and free-thinkers - past the city's vaunted walls and into the great unknown in search of a land where their ideals of Titanic perfection could thrive.

Project Mechagon is a compilation of multiple canon sources interspersed with fanon interpretations of Mechagonian lore from World of Warcraft, presented in one comprehensive location for ease of use by those looking to create immersive roleplay experiences.