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Baby's first journal entry! How are we feeling about the setup? I'm going for a LiveJournal vibe despite the fact that I never used the site when it was active ... well, aside from posting in the Fursuits community. Isn't it crazy that at some point the sum total of the fandom's costume-building knowledge was surviving on a dying website well into 2010s? The fact that fursuit making is so accessible now will never not boggle my mind, particularly when bigger makers were so possessive with their trade secrets! ( Rightly so, mind you. ) Still, I like that there's new blood in the fandom and that the art of fursuit making can continue for years to come :)

I went back to work today after a long weekend that I spent riding roller coasters at Six Flags Over Georgia. A much-welcome reprieve from the slog of comic making, especially because I got to meet two of my guildies for the first time! I got my coaster count up to 44, adding Superman Ultimate Flight, Georgia Scorcher, and The Great American Scream Machine as three squeaky new credits. Blue Hawk was closed for the season, which I was super bummed about since it's probably the biggest Vekoma I've ever seen AND it featured a signature butterfly loop, but the three credits I did get to add were pretty impressive: my first flying coaster since riding Manta as a teenager, my first stand-up, and a historical ACE landmark respectively! I'm hoping to give a more in-depth review on them once I get my Coaster Count page set up.

A photograph of The Georgia Scorcher, a stand-up Bolliger & Mabillard steel coaster, taken from the perspective of someone waiting at its dispatch. A train is ascending the coaster's lift hill. A photograph of Superman Ultimate Flight, a Bolliger & Mabillard flying steel coaster. It is taken from the perspective of someone looking up at it. The sun is giving off a lens-flare behind one of its supports.

I also rode Monster Mansion again and I think it's quickly crawling up the list of weird rides that I have a hyperfocus on; it's just so quintessentially American camp that I can't help but want to know more about it! I think I'll add it onto my list of things I want to make a shrine for, because so much of the information about it is scattered to different corners of the web and I think a consolidated space is sorely needed.

Getting this site put together in general has been a really therapeutic venture for me. I'm so used to the strict narrative cadence of prose that it's kind of freeing to be able to make something that's completely mine, informed by my admittedly helter-skelter inner voice. Even so I'm sure you can tell I'm still having a bit of difficulty loosening up, but I'm sure that'll come with time.

I think one of the most fun things about this little project has been digging into my archives and pulling out some cool stuff that hasn't seen the light of day in what's quickly approaching a decade. I logged onto Furcadia last night on a whim to snag an alt name and had the fortune of spawning in next to the lovely Fading Memories! For those that don't know, Fading Memories is an individual who is taking on the monumental task of archiving Furcadia, a game that's social circles largely hinged on player-created maps. Of course, with a rapidly dwindling player base, this means that a lot of old haunts have been lost to time. I've been a great admirer of her work for awhile now and offered my dream for her to explore, a circa-2012 modern city "anything goes" roleplay map that was often hosted in Allegria Island or The Imaginarium.

I've taken the liberty of sharing the video she recorded below as a taste of her work! If you're looking to help with the preservation project, I can't recommend reaching out to her enough. The preservation of digital communal spaces like this is so important for so many people, and if you've got any dreams hanging around or even just a computer that has an older Furcadian client installed, you really should drop her a line!

Shoot for the moon!

Casper Cielo

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